gigglesqueak (gigglesqueak) wrote in bad_service,

Plain and simple in script form:

Telemarketer: Hi this is _____ from crazy johns. i'm calling today to offer you...
Me: Excuse me but is this a sales call?
Telemarketer: no, it's not. i'm calling to offer you $50 off your next phone bill.
Me: we're not with crazy johns, therefore this offer doesn't apply to me. is this a sales call?
Telemarketer: no it's not, i'm offering you $50 off when you sign up to our..
Me: I'd like to speak to your supervisor please.
Telemarketer: *click*

she's been calling back every half hour and when i answer she hangs up. if anyone else answers she tries to sell it to them.

Edit: She stopped calling last night at about 10:30 after i blew my brother's airhorn down the phone. If she calls again today i'll just keep doing it, it's sort of fun :)
I don't know what the deadline for telemarketers here in Australia is, but it was sure annoying.
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