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I just accidentally posted this in the community about sucky customers, so let's remedy that..

After I had acted like a customer you'd expect to see in a "witnessed WTF" over there (I was in Bookstore A and tried to return a book I'd bought at Bookstore B.. whoooooooooops), I got a little irked with the cashier.

I'd purchased a considerable amount of books - four hardcovers (one of which was a very very odd-size - think rectangular-shaped coffee table book - and very veryheavy) and three paperbacks. After I'd paid and signed the credit card slip, he pauses and says, in a tone that was dripping in please say no so I don't have to exert any more effort because I'm totally lazy, "So, uh, do you want a bag?"


No, uh, I was actually hoping to somehow - albeit quite awkwardly - gather all these books in my arms and bring them out to my car, only to have them fall all over the place whenever I make a turn and/or stop the car. YES, I'D LIKE A BAG, PLEASE. I understand that some people may be able to handle carrying that amount of books out to their car, and props to them. However, number one, there's ice all over the ground.. so in case I'm a total klutz and manage to fall, I'd like to have some sort of barrier between my books and the ground so they don't get all scuffed up. Number two - and more importantly - I have this little condition called fibromyalgia, so my hands and arms are basically like rubber most of the time. No strength, whatsoever. Bags make things easier. I would never, ever expect people to just know that, but.. couldn't he have at least asked a little nicer instead of acting as if it were such a chore? :\

This isn't the first time I've gotten attitude from one of this store's cashiers, either. Matter of fact, I had a friend who worked at another Bookstore A location, and said I didn't want to know how many complaints she'd heard about the location I'd been at. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

But! Because I've totally been having one of those kinds of weeks, the cashier suckiness did not stop there!

After that, I stopped off at the Mart of Walls. Now, I'm sure not all employees of this particular chain are such obnoxious snobs, but it seems like in the one closest to my house, customer service skills aren't even anywhere NEAR being a requirement. When I cashed out, the cashier did not say one word to me. Nor did she even look at me. Not even once! I've gotta say, I got a sick sense of satisfaction when I got to hit "no" on the credit card keypad when it asked me, "Did your cashier greet you today?" Ugh. Bitch. She was acting as if I was inconveniencing her. Sorry that I made you actually work for your money. :\ Meh. I wasn't expecting to be her new BFF or anything, or for her to be all Chatty Cathy, but would it have killed her to at least acknowledge the people in line?

However, I would like to send good vibes to the lovely woman who was so kind to me at the fitting rooms at the Mart of Walls.. and to the woman at the drive-thru at the Restaurant of the Golden Arches who was - *gasp, shock, horror!* - actually nice to me and said, "Please, thank you," and "you're welcome"! She could teach her co-workers a thing or two about manners.

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