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I finally wandered over here from Customers_Suck, mainly because something today reminded me of a pretty bad one.

This was about 6 1/2 years ago. We were taking a bus trip, and stopped for lunch at an area with several fast food places. When we (me, my wife, and my parents) walked into whichever one we chose, my wife went into the bathroom to pee, while I stood in line to order. Just after my wife went into the bathroom, a cashier walked up, set a mop in the corner, and went to the register to start taking orders. Ref flag number one: puts mop down, does NOT wash hands before taking orders, handling money, etc. It was a relatively minor bad_service, but it quickly got worse. I was 2nd in line when my wife came back and noticed the cashier. My wife asks, "Did she wash her hands when she came back?" When I said no, my wife then said, loudly enough for the entire lobby to hear, "That's disgusting! There's water all over the floor in the bathroom, and she went into the flooding stall, locked the door, then CRAWLED under the door THROUGH the water, and didn't wash her hands in there, either. I'm not eating here."

I didn't argue, and neither did most of the other customers in the lobby.

My wife later said that she had said something to the girl before she left the bathroom, but the girl just said, "It's OK. It's clean water, not used toilet water."

1) I find that HIGHLY unlikely.
2) Even if it is true, the water is ON THE FLOOR, as are your hands for crawling.
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