Phineas Q. Butterfat (audacian) wrote in bad_service,
Phineas Q. Butterfat

Crazy satellite dish contractors

The tech for DirecTV (a contractor hired by them, not an actual direcTV rep, if you know what I mean) came out on Friday. We told him we already had a dish on the roof, just go up there and make it work and do whatever you need to do. He comes down off the roof and tells us that he cannot install a HD dish because it's bigger and heavier than the real dish, and requires actually cutting a 3" hole in the roof. Because the roof is wood, it would expand and contract and leak. We told him don't do it, much to our dismay. He sets up the dish, runs wires, and places two regular boxes in our house. He then hands us a yellow slip of paper and leaves. We go upstairs to the loft where the HD tv is and it won't work. We call DirecTV and they get it to work; the guy never activated it. OK, whatever. We figure we'll call later on about possible HD solutions.

This morning, the Wild Blue (satellite internet) techs came. They also do DirecTV so we tell them about what the DirecTV guy said. They say he was totally wrong - it can be mounted, and is in fact mounted precisely the same way as the old dishes - just on the side of the house. We then call direcTV while they install the internet dish. When we tell DirecTV the story, they freak out because the tech told DirecTV that he installed a HD dish, one HD DVR boxe and a regular box in our house. In conclusion: the tech stole the dish, installed a standard dish on our house and stole the HD receiver. Scott goes outside for a sec and finds the OLD dish thrown in a snowbank on the side of the house. What. DirecTV is sending new techs on wednesday and made a bunch of notes in our file about this BS. We demand to never see that same tech again, and they're going to find out what the hell happened to our stuff. Scott loges complaints with all the companies.

The contractor company calls us and tells us that they are sorry that their tech was a jerk and will send some new folks out on Wednesday to do an installation. They also tell us, however, that their tech was right and it may be a problem to do an installation on our wood roof. We told them another contractor AND direcTV said that is bullshit, because it is possible to install a dish on a tripod or pole on places not even near the roof because some people don't even get service on their roofs. They said they will come out and "see what they can do" and that DirecTV would "tell us anything" and are "just telling [us] what we want to hear." Uh, right.

We're going to give them one more begrudging shot because to have anyone else come install the dish would cost us money, according to DirecTV. If this doesn't work, however, we're going to complain to DirecTV about getting some months of service waived to cover the installation fees because they advertise as "free installation" and if it's not being installed then they're not holding up their end of the bargain, right?
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