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There's a Subway that is conveniently just down the road from my campus, so it worked out great on the days I forgot to grab my lunch from home and didn't want the overly priced, horrible tasting "food" from the cafeteria.

I go in one day in January and start to order, and I end up having a hard time hearing what the girl who's serving me is saying. This is partially because we're both short, and the plastic barrier isn't the best thing to try and talk through, and because the girl was talking to the floor. This kind of irritated me since she wasn't even looking at me, but I thought that maybe she had a hard time making eye contact because I know people that do.
At one point she says something, and I really wasn't sure what she said. I thought she might have asked me what vegetables I wanted, but I figured I should make sure. So I just said, "Pardon?" and she practically screams, "VEGGIES?!?". I don't like wasting food, so if my sub wasn't nearly made, I would have just left right then. I got my "veggies", then was served by a much, much nicer woman, and left.
I wrote Subway's customer service email address right after I got back to the school and explained what happened, and said I didn't plan on going to that location again. Two days later I get an email from the manager. She wanted my phone number and a good time to call me so she could discuss what I would like her to do. I was thrilled at the quick response, and told her as much. I thanked her for taking the time to deal with my complaint, and gave her the information she asked for.
A month passed and I didn't get any follow up, whatsoever. So I wrote Subway again and told them she never got back to me, and that if this was how their managers dealt with customer service issues, I wasn't interested in visiting any Subway locations at all. That was three weeks ago, and the website said I would receive a response in 7 - 10 business days.
This wouldn't even of been such a big deal to me if the manager had bothered calling me like she said she would, or even if someone had responded to my second complaint. They obviously don't care too much. Jerks.

:EDIT: I should add that I wasn't by myself when I went. The two other people who were with me also thought she was out of line by responding to me the way she did, and had said so unprompted.
I also know that the manager got my email because I received the read-receipt the Monday after I wrote her.
Sorry if I came off kind of callous. I don't usually make customer complaints, and the only other time I did it was taken care of immediately.

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