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Here's an idea, why don't you stock your goddamn store

I went to visit my sister up at her school this weekend, since we were going into New York City to see Legally Blonde: The Musical. Just outside her school is your run of the mill college town. Bars, diners, etc. So we grabbed a quick bite at a diner and went next store to a Cold Stone Creamery.

There was only one guy working when we went in, and we were the only customers. He didn't say hello or approach the counter, just hung back and ignored us. Sure, okay. We look at the display boards. I know what I want already, my sister takes some time to decide. I let her go first.

The man ignores us until my sister has to say "excuse me?". Seriously, we were at the counter, wallets out, and he just stares into space. Once he wanders over, my sister gives her order. Chocolate ice cream with pie crust mixed in. He stares at her for a moment.

"We don't have pie crust." he finally says. My sister shrugs and picks another mix in. He's silent and almost sulky while he makes the ice cream. Shoves it in a cup and hands it to her, and wanders away. My sister asks him for a spoon, since there's no spoon holder at the register. He sighs and gets her one.

I have to wave at him to get his attention, and he wanders over again. I tell him I want a strawberry shortcake serenade. It's sweet cream ice cream, frozen strawberries, cake and whipped topping. He blinks at me and has NO idea what a strawberry shortcake serenade is. I point RIGHT BEHIND HIM at the big board on the wall, that lists ALL the signature ice creams and the ingredients.

"We don't have any strawberry ice cream." he says, and starts to wander away. I stop him, saying "Well, that's okay, because it doesn't HAVE strawberry ice cream. It has sweet cream". He looks at me.

"We don't have any strawberries" he says, and starts to wander away. What the hell?

"Um, that's okay. I guess I can do without the strawberries." I said, and helpfully pointed at the board again. "It's sweet cream ice cream, cake and whipped topping".

"We don't HAVE whipped topping!" he snapped at me. Okay, seriously? You're COLD STONE. Your entire shtick is built on having a billion and one things to mix into ice cream, and you have nearly none of them? He wanders away again, and I'm really annoyed at this point. My sister is standing near me, just as confused as I am. She tells me just to pick anything so we can get going. I settle on something simple and he makes it, says nothing while we pay. No apology, and I have to chase him down for a spoon again. He glares when we don't tip.

I know stores run out of stuff, but this was just absurd.
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