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Bad service to a friend/bad service to me

My friend told me about this and I had to place it in here.

They have a maid that comes in to clean their home. Usually I guess they don't have problems but this week they did.

They have hardwood floors.

The maid uses something to clean them and they ( the family) knew about one area that gets real slippery whenever she cleans it.

However, they didn't know about the "new" area.

She didn't tell them that this area was slippery and to be careful.( As she did with the first one) My friend stepped on the area and fell hard.

She got a bruise on her elbow and some aches and pains. Luckly she wasn't seriously hurt.

I shutter to think it could have been the grandparents this happened to, or even one of the family members that live in the house to get a broken bone.

I feel this was serious neglect on the maids part. If she knew about the first area and knew about the second one, then why not warn them so they could have placed a rug there or avoided the area all together.

While they will be telling her not to use that product again on the floor. It is the fact of the neglect that upset them.

My bad service

First to explain..We don't go to these places often. We have no reason to. However, a reason came up.

My husband loves to do projects. He has to fill his weekends with something. So this weekend's project was to make a speaker console for his father's truck. In other words, he is tearing out the center console and making a new one for his dad. One that will hold everything.

However, for the speaker box, which will contain sub wolfers. He needed a particular type of board. Which is where, the wife, me.. came in.

Got online and searched for "How to make a speaker box" because he asked me to. When it comes to searching online, he can't seem to grasp that concept. So I found a site, and when it came to the type of board, which is fiberboard, I told him.

He told me to go to the normal sites, Lowes, Home Depot, ect..

Home Depot doesn't carry fiberboard.

Lowes does but only certain sizes.

They had the size up from what he needed at our local store. That's fine, he could work with that so off to Lowes we go this morning.

We get there and the first guy pointed us to an entirely different area of the store that we didn't need. We walked around for a little while, still didn't see it. Asked the second person we saw. Again, took us to the wrong place and after looking up and down the isle,( in a very rude voice) told hubby that they didn't carry "fiberboard".

Now I had entered the zip code and the said the store carried it. So we decided to walk around. After a few more minutes, I saw what I thought would be the place for it. I pointed it out and he asked the third person ( a female) if they had anything close to fiberboard and where it would be located.

The woman told him that honestly she had no idea what fiberboard was but if they had it in stock, it would be on the next isle over, the one I had pointed out.

Now, the second man told us, Lowes does not carry fiberboard.

Halfway down the isle, what did we find..You guessed it, fiberboard.

The thing was, it was half way up the holding place, which meant we couldn't get it down. When he saw the second man we had talked to, he told him that we had found the fiberboard, but we couldn't reach it. He then asked the man to please see if someone could get us a sheet, he got rude again and told us that there was no one there to operate the forklift and it couldn't be gotten down. That we would have to return tomorrow.

Hubby looked at me and told me "let's get out of here." That's his code of him being very close to being upset. So we left Lowes without the fiberboard that we actually had to go through three people to find and then couldn't reach it. Needless to say, I don't think we will be going back to that Lowes anytime in the future. We were not the only customers who walked out. The other ones close to us, left their purchases and followed us out the door.

Would it have killed the guy to check the computer first to see what sizes they have? And also, while I am well aware that you need a liscense to operate a forklift, would it not make sense to have at least one person in the store at all times who has a said liscense? Especially on the weekends when Lowes seems to be the busiest?

If he had gotten the fiberboard, we would have brought it, even though he was rude about it. However, not only was there the stack of fiberboard we needed, there was also six other stacks of fiberboard. For a place not to carry something, they sure had a lot of it.

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