Crysi (crysiana) wrote in bad_service,

FNCB Bad Service

So First National Community Bank bought our local Harleysville Bank. They've been having trouble being, shall we say, consistent or honest so far. (For example: they had a non-tech-savvy person entering loans into their computer system and they managed to enter several hundred loans TWICE. They have yet to actually notify the credit bureaus that this is an error.) Now, our particular problem has been going on for a while, but my mother didn't actually lose her temper with it until today.

FNCB has consistently been telling our insurance company that they hold our mortgage, when in fact it stayed with Harleysville. My mother has called the insurance company to correct this repeatedly; it was wasn't so bad in the past given that Harleysville was still on the insurance policy, but this last time, FNCB was listed as the sole holder. Mom called the insurance company and got the apologetic response that she'd have to get FNCB to send them something. This is a bit of suck on the part of the insurance company - I mean, if someone has called every other month to correct this, you'd at least make a note, I'd think.

The operator at the insurance company gave mom a name "Cathy" and number for the person who'd called them from FNCB and said she'd have to work out with them why they insisted they had our mortgage, or at least get them to send confirmation that they did not, in fact, have it.

The real suck began when she called FNCB at the number the insurance company had. The woman who answered said, tersely, that she was not Cathy, that no Cathy worked there, and that even if a Cathy did work there the person my mother needed to deal with for insurance was Nicole.

Fine, my mother says. I'll talk to Nicole.

Nicole goes on to claim that a) FNCB bought our mortgage b) we have two car loans with them instead of one and c) that we have another loan that is a home improvement loan not, in defiance of the loan papers we have, a line of credit.

After twenty minutes of convincing Nicole that we don't actually have our mortgage with FNCB, that we have only one car loan with them, and giving up on the point of the second loan, my mother pointed out that even assuming that the loan is against the house, that doesn't make FNCB the ONLY entity that should be listed on the insurance.

To which Nicole says that no one called them and told them that in the first place.

Mom: I know you're going to tell me that no one named Cathy works there, but when I talked to them, they gave me the name Cathy at XXX-XXX-XXXX as who called them.

Nicole: Ma'am, no one named Cathy works here, and that is a supervisor's cell phone number, she's not even involved in stuff like this.

Mom: I'm aware of that; all I can tell you is what the insurance company told me. How would I get a supervisor's cell phone number?

Nicole: It's not her cell phone ma'am, just her direct line, and her name isn't Cathy. It can't be anyone from here that called your insurance company.

Mom: *really, really irritated by this time* Well, I can't help that, I just want to get this all straightened out, since they still have you as the only mortgagee.

Finally Mom was told to have the insurance company call them and they would straighten it out with them, though she has yet to convince them that we don't have a home improvement loan with FNCB. She's planning on finding the loan papers and going to their main headquarters sometime to try to get them to actually register it correctly.

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