Whitney (_saturdayschild) wrote in bad_service,

Ulta - Is there even a DECENT one out there?!

I hate Ulta. With a passion.

The bitches who work there are always snooty and snobby. They do not know the first thing about customer service, unless they're serving someone who they know has money.

My experience in there was fine when I first walked in and all the way up to when she scanned my fiance's and my debit cards and informed us that it came up saying we had insufficient funds. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, the stupid snoot pursed her lips and looked at us as though we were a waste of time and air. I proceeded to ask her if she could possibly hold my items until tomorrow so I could come back in after I guess the checks I just deposited finished processing. She rolled her eyes, huffed, and yelled towards some woman walking by, "If their card is declined, is there anything I can do for them?!" And the lady replied, "There's nothing I can do for you," in an equally bitchy tone and punched a bunch of stuff onto their register and ripped the receipt off with a, "DONE." Well, shit, I didn't ask you to pay for it for me! I just was wondering if you could hold it overnight so I could come back and just pay and pick it up without having to go around grabbing everything off the counters again. Policy is policy, which I understand, but don't treat me like I'm stupid and how dare I ask that.

I guess that things could've been much worse, but I don't appreciate being treated like I'm a low-life. And it seems like every time I go into an Ulta, the stupid sales associates act like rich bitches who can't be bothered to even deem to serve you if you're not dressed to the nines. I guess I asked for it by even deciding to shop there, but since I hadn't been into an Ulta store in a long time, I figured my opinions were unfounded and things could've changed since I'd last shopped there. Nope. Still as uppity as you please.

At least whenever I get a customer in my store that has a declined card, I say, "Oh, it says it's declined, I'm sorry," in as nice a tone as one could apologize, I would think. And I don't look at them like it's their fault.

*Shrugs* Oh fucking well. Guess some people just figure they're above others or some shit.

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