Imagines (imagines) wrote in bad_service,

To the man at the coffee/snack cart at my college:

The cart has been giving out free hot water (yes, in cups even) since before I began attending this school. I know this because I am friends with people who have been going there since before 2006. You only started working there this semester. You are the only cart employee who has ever lectured me for asking for hot water, and I have known about six of you so far. After today, I'll be avoiding the cart whenever you are working it.

I am sick with that awful flu-thing going around. I'm not going to be drinking caffeinated things until I'm well, because dehydration is not my friend. No, I'm not going to buy any coffee right now. I'm also not going to buy tea. It's black tea. It's caffeinated. And the cart's selling it for ninety cents a teabag when it's freaking Lipton.

Anyway. As it stands, when I politely rasp a request for hot water, the proper response is not to slam a cup down in front of me and say "get it yourself. I'm not getting paid for this. Someday I'm going to start charging." Sir, there are several reasons why that is idiotic:

1) I am not sure where you get the hot water from. I'm not going to go behind your counter and search around for the hot water tap because a) you are getting paid for this, and I am not, and b) I could burn myself or knock something down because I am just that clumsy and then we'd all be in trouble.

2) I don't think you want me coughing all over your counter. You seem to know little about sanitary conditions, which frightens me because you are in food service.

3) I have told you every other time you lectured me for wanting hot water (but at least gave it to me) that I would be more than happy to pay for it. Seriously, I'm fine with paying. I don't think paper cups are worth the ridiculous prices the cart charges for drinks, but if it would hold off the scolding so I can get to class, I'd do it.

Other frustrations I have with you: The cash register computer is there to tell you how much things cost--use it. It's a freakin' touch screen with every single thing anyone can order right there. Don't ask your customers for the price of their order because it's "faster that way." And speaking of faster? Asking three people for their orders and promptly forgetting who wanted what is actually really damn slow. We stand in a line for a reason, you know.

Wheezily and ragefully yours,


P.S. I saw you give that pretty girl a discount on her salad and say "I won't tell if you don't." That was creepy and dishonest, so don't you dare bitch at me over hot water.
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