Bree (livelaughlovep) wrote in bad_service,

Dear UPS

I was mad at you when you didn't ring my doorbell and delivered 400 dollars of tires to my backyard. We live in a duplex, and it was very sweet of you to throw them with my neighbor's belongings so I didn't even notice they were there.

Today takes the cake. There is 5 inches of snow on the ground. Our driveway is not plowed. At all.
It would have been so easy for you to ring the door bell, why, the WALKWAY! is plowed.
No, you wanted to walk all the way to the BACK public door, and KNOCK your heart out! Why, that makes tons of sense!

Too bad I missed three important packages because I thought that knocking was the neighbors fooling around and making noise. (its not my priority, job, or anything, really to pay attention to the back part of the dwelling. The neighbors are lower, we are upper, furthermore, the neighbors have part of the basement. They are always knocking, banging, making noise. There was no reason I would have answered that knocking. Ever.)

Use the damn doorbell. Embrace it.

Hatefully yours,
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