Raven Silvers (_revolutionary) wrote in bad_service,
Raven Silvers

Phone attitude suckage

My mother got a phonecall from a cleaning company two nights ago. It went something like this:

Phone: *rings*
Mother: *picks up* Hello?
Rude lady: Hello, this is X&Y Cleaning Company. Your information was provided to us by [my mother's sister], who is a client of ours. We offer services on a trial basis; we'll come over to your house once and clean everything for you, free of charge. If you like it you can sign up for our packages.
Mother: No thank you, we already have a cleaning service.
Rude lady: *bitch mode on!* Whether you want it or not, we're still coming tomorrow.^
Mother: ... No, I'm not interested. Please do not call again. *SLAMhangup*

Wtf? She was pretty upset by the lady's statement. It puzzles us to no end that my aunt would give our information out, because a) she knows we already have someone who cleans for us, and b) privacy concerns. We're pretty sure my aunt doesn't use a cleaning service either.

But seriously, even if they did get our information from a legit source, it's mighty rude to say that. They didn't show up, because if they did I think my mother would've refused them at the gate (we live in a cluster of apartments, you have to get through a security guard before you're allowed into the estate).

^This line is verbatim.
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