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This isn't exactly a bad service issue, since my orders are nearly always right. But for those of us who are in metro areas served by Dining In, I'm wondering if this is a common attempted scam, or just my area, or just me.

I order through them a few times a month, so I get the same 3 or 4 delivery guys. There is an option on the web site to add a delivery tip (above & beyond delivery charge) automatically, but I've recently stopped using it. Why? Because every time I've used it (3+ times a month with the same 3 delivery people for over two years), every time they've "forgotten" I'd added a tip and circled the tip area on the credit receipt, asking for another. I blew it off to begin with, even though the delivery person had to fill out the credit receipt from the delivery printout, which had the tip amount printed in BOLD directly below the order total that they had to look at to fill out the slip. At first I figured, maybe they didn't look, maybe it's a new system and they didn't know it was on there, etc. But after over 2 years I started getting really pissed off. These guys know me enough to remember my name, and I tip well. Usually $6 - 8 per delivery. So it's not like I'm shorting them and they feel they need to get extra. But every single time, I get asked for a tip again and a "oopsie" non-apologetic shrug when I point out that once again, yes, I ALREADY TIPPED THEM.

Am I going overboard by being pissed off that these people who know me, know my name, even know the names of my CATS, still try to wrangle a double tip out of me (when I'm giving them over a normal tip to begin with) by pretending every time that they "FORGOT" I tipped online, as usual? Is it just the Dallas aea, or does this happen for all the Dining In branches?

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