ONE'S NOT SUCH A LOW NUMBER. (amelialourdes) wrote in bad_service,

A few separate outings.

I think I've really just been saving these up to discover a community like this one. I really feel compelled to share after reading some of these nightmares.

The first one is my favorite.

I was shopping at Macy's because sales are really great when you can find them. I enjoy my fair share of designer bags and wandered around to the Coach area because I wanted a bag for my laptop. One of the sales ladies in the area approach us (I'm shopping with my mother) and asks us if we need any help. I say that I'm looking for something like this *holds up large bag* to fit my computer.

Me: Yeah, I just like them larger.
Saleslady: Oh, just like you? *chuckles*
Me: *shock*

I'm actually not as wide as this bag I'm holding but even if I were, is that really appropriate to say to a customer? 'Cause, I'm thinkin' it's not. I'm also going to go ahead and play the nationality card because this Asian woman had a heavy accent (I'm Filipino-American) and I've been treated like scum before in Asian countries. Maybe I just didn't expect for it to happen here, especially in the city that I've lived for a big chunk of my life.

The second story. It has to do with ignorant Target employees.

I do a lot of my DVD shopping at Target because I don't feel ripped off there. I carried away a really great set of DVDs that I saw on sale and happily went to the check out to pay for my purchases.

Now, almost every place I've been in, in my entire life, have employees that are completely professional and intelligent and I enjoy the occasional conversation or two when I have something in common with someone. This experiment left me completely stunned.

Employee: *looks at the cover for Little People, Big World* Oh, ha ha. Is this funny? *holds up cover*
(For anyone who's unaware -- Little People, Big World is a television/reality series on TLC about a family of little people. I do not laugh at the Roloff family because they are little people. I enjoy the series because of the family.)

Me: Um, no.

Employee: But it's funny, right? It has midgets on the cover.

Me: ... wow. *mumbles* No, it's a documentary series. (I'm practically seething so I hold in the urge to start screaming about how ignorant she is.)

Employee: *laughs as she looks at the cover* Oh, midgets are funny.

Me: *thinking* Just ring me up before I slap you.

I bolted out of there but I was shocked by the level of ignorance she displayed. I avoided her at all costs the next time I went back there.

One more, welcome to Johnny Rockets.

Me and my group of ex-friends were hungry for some burgers and good 'ol fashion diner fun. We laugh, we talk, we enjoy ... and then the drinks arrive. Just as the waiter begins to hand out our drinks to us, the ENTIRE TRAY comes toppling down on our whole table (there were 5 of us) and on to each of our laps and on to our seats.

We have a good sense of humor so we laugh about it but we're obviously drenched and sticky from the soda and that's troublesome. We don't get angry and we don't leave. We just move to another booth and our food was almost done so we were starving.

I order chicken strips. As the waiter leans over to hand my friend her food, the basket of chicken strips fall into my lap. Yes. They're hot. I get another basket and we all enjoy our meal.

I have a question, is it right that they charged us for the entire meal? We practically had all of it on our laps by the end of the evening. I even had to talk them into giving us the drinks since those were in our jeans. Should we have gotten a free meal, a discount next time, something? We didn't know so we paid and left but I wrote the corporation about it and forgot about it.

Bad. Service.

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