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Why I also refuse to eat late at IHOP...

The IHOP post below reminds me of my favorite horrible service story:

Scene:  April Fools Day, 2005, after a couple drinks at the bar, my boyfriend and I decide to hit up the IHOP, arriving around 3 AM.

First of all, it took about 10 minutes to even be acknowledged, much less seated.  The hostess was AWOL in the back, doing who-knows-what. 

Second of all, it then took an HOUR AND HALF to get our food.  It was such a long wait that we actually asked the waiter (who at this point seemed to be a nice guy, and according to him the wait was the fault of the kitchen people screwing around instead of doing their jobs), "is this the April Fool's joke?  We order and don't get any food?"  Other tables, who had been waiting up to 2 hours at this point, were threatening not to even pay, but we just smarted off to the waiter, and not in a mean way, just trying to spin some humor into the situation - and he seemed to take the comments in stride and gave his explanations.

Third of all, after leaving a semi-deserved (at best) tip in cash on the table, and then paying at the register with card, we were on our way out the door around 5:00 when the waiter comes to accost us and accuse us of not paying!  So first they wouldn't seat us, now they didn't want us to leave!  I'm thinking, why the heck would I leave a tip if I didn't pay??, but held my tongue and showed him the receipt and it got straightened out.

I did eventually go back about a year later on the late shift, and apparently everybody was new - they fired all of the old night staff because of complaints like this!  Unfortunately, the new ones aren't too much better than the old (still one hour waits minimum), so I avoid that IHOP like the plague now at night.


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