bufi44 (bufi44) wrote in bad_service,

Another Diner Disaster

I always eat at the diner on the weekends. The food is great but the service...
This morning, I sat for 15 minutes with no water, no coffee and no server. She finally comes over to the next table to set it up, looks over and asks me if my table is in her station. How the heck would I know that? So shouts across the diner to find out if my table is in her station.
She finally takes my order and I gets me my beverages. Then she takes off to a different station and leaves me with a new waiter. He thinks being effusive makes up for service. He is flowery when he asks if everything is okay. But he too disappears. The table across from me waited 10 minutes for beverages. I waited 20 for my check.
Breakfast should take no more than 45 minutes and that is at a leisurely pace. My breakfast took an hour and a half. Most of it was sitting there waiting. It was definitely bad service since at the hour I went to breakfast, the diner was almost empty.
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