Queen of the Faerie Cakes! (the_faery_queen) wrote in bad_service,
Queen of the Faerie Cakes!

fuck the bank of scotland!

ihave a business. i need a visa. they getmy credit card application (second one!) in april. tell me in june they didn't get it. we send another one. taht got lost en route. then we find out that they did get the one in april they just hadn't processed it! so that is complaint one, why the bloody hell not!

two weeks ago i sent a bank transfer through. no stock arrives. i ask the bank did it go through. NO! i ask why not, told to call them. i can't remember my password, so, not only did it not go through but they can't tellme why!

so i am moving banks. it is ridiculous! i understand the secruity measures but the fact that they screwed up with the transfer and can't even tell me is insane!

so my recomendation, don't get a bank of scotland account!
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