andi pants (anairdna) wrote in bad_service,
andi pants

parking office suck

Backstory: One of the places I work, I have to pay for parking. I buy temp passes once a month when I'm working there. I bought one on the 7th because I was supposed to start work the next day. Late afternoon on the 7th(after the parking office was closed), I was informed that the work assignment had been cancelled at the last minute. It was reccommended that I contact the head of Traffic&Parking to see about a refund, because he was the only person who could approve it. I e-mailed him, and he got back to me the next morning, and was told to bring the pass in to the office, and they'd refund the money.
I went in there on the 8th. The machine wouldn't let them put it back on my credit card, so I had to fill out a form to get a check sent. which was fine. inconvienent, but i understand that machines can get funky. i figure(and am told), that it'll be processed that monday, and i'll get a check in the mail that wednesday(the 13th).

two days ago, still no check.

so i called. enter the suck.

1st attempt:
*ring ring*
*pick up* *SLAMclick*

2nd attempt:
office lady:"______ traffic and parking"
me:"hey, i'm calling because i came in on the 8th to get a refund for my temp parking pass i'd purchased the day before, because my temp assignment was cancelled at the last minute. the machine wouldn't process the refund, so i filled out a form to get a check mai-"
office lady:(*huffy*)"was this medical center or university, because the medical center doesnt HAVE that kind of form"
me:*calmly*"it was univer-"
office lady:"*sigh* OK, fine. what kind of pass was it?"
(note: there is only ONE KIND of temp pass for each side)
me:"it was a one month temp pass. i cant remember all the garages and lots it allowed me to park in, i would have only used it for _____ gara-" (she kept cutting me off before i could finish what i was saying)
office lady:(*withering*)"ok ok. whats your name?"
office lady:"hold on."
i am put on hold for about 4 minutes.
pick up, muttered "ok, i'll talk to her"
other office lady:"ms. *mispronounced last name*...i put that through on the 11th. sometimes they a little slow in processing it, they only do so about once a week.. so if it got there late on the 11th, they probably didnt process it til the 19th. i'll call them sometime soon and see if they got it."

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