azleaneo (azleaneo) wrote in bad_service,

Citibank/Radioshack credit card woes

I don't have exact dates for this, so forgive me on dates.

I had purchased an Ipod from Radioshack on my RS card early last year and I let it go late. When Citibank started to call me, I went ahead and paid over the phone. The person on the phone told me it would be a $15 check by phone fee, and I was ok with that, I just wanted it payed off. I paid in full and didn't think about it. (Around $250)

A few months later they start calling me again, saying I owe them around $80. I ask why, because that was supposed to be a nice happy $0. Seems that the $15 fee was charged to my card instead of being included with my payment, plus the balance was like $4 that the person who took the original payment didn't include. The CSR tells me that they will clear it off if I pay the $4 and one late fee. I correct my address with this CSR since I wasn't getting statements to my new apartment. I pay 30 something dollars, and go on my way.

This last month I am getting calls from them again, for $80 something dollars. Same $4 balance, with late fees again, and they didn't have my address which I gave last time. The CSR then tells me that he can only clear off 2 late fees with a payment from me. I see what has been happening, the payments I make don't go through before another late fee gets tacked on there. I ask why they can't just fix it, and the CSR tells me that even if it's their mistake, they can only clear late fees with a payment. I tell him that I am not paying anymore on their mistakes, I do correct the address again, and I tell them I would try to call them back. (With the pst/est hour differance, they are open while I work.)

They are calling again, what do I tell them? Does anyone have any suggestions on getting this fixed without paying them more money? I worry that if I pay them again this will just keep happening.
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