Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Small suck..

So I was out picking up a few items at the grand ol' Wal-Mart earlier...

One of those items happened to be a pack of pregnancy tests.

The cashier scans them, looks at me, and says, "Uh oh. You poor thing, it'll be ok".

What the fuck!? I was like, excuse me?

She says, "Its ok. Accidents happen."


I paid, grabbed my items, and walked out.

I was just floored. What the fuck gives her the right to say anything like that? How the hell does she know who I was buying those for?


Edit: Unrelated bad_service that I just remembered..

The other day I was waiting for a class to start when one of my friends told me about something that happened to her sister at a popular pizza place the next town over.

Her sister went there for lunch. Everything was fine until she gave her waiter her credit card to pay with.

The register wasn't far from her table. After she gave her waiter her card and he walked to the register, she heard the vary obvious sound of a camera phone taking a picture. She turned around, and sure enough, the waiter had his phone out, taking a picture of something. She heard the camera click twice. She automatically thought, this guy is taking a picture of my card.

After he gave her the card back, she decided to say something for the manager. She told him what happened. He went to the employee, and asked why he had his phone. The kid said that he was waiting on a phone call. The manager asked to see the kid's phone. The kid said no.

Manager explained that he's being accused of stealing credit card numbers. Manager wants to see the phone to clear the kid. Kid still says no. Manager wrestles phone away from him. Sure enough, the waiter had taken pictures of every credit card he ran that day.

There's no telling how long he had been doing this. He was fired on the spot and the police were called. The manager offered compensation, but I think she turned it down.

So..bad service made good...but still..that fucking sucks.
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