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Sprint is spelled S-U-C-K

I apologize in advance if this is a TL;DR for some, I just need to get this out

*le sigh* I will have had Sprint for four years this upcoming May, and had only had perhaps one or two minor issues. I couldn't use the website to change my mailing address to a different one that wasn't local to my phone number. When I had called Customer Service about it, the guy on the phone tried telling me that I had to change my phone number to a number local to my new billing address. Ummmm... I'm going to go with negative on this one. Whatever. I had called back and talked to someone who knew what they were doing who switched the address for me. This person also caught that I was paying too much for my unlimited texting because I had the PCS Vision plan as well, and she adjusted it. HOORAY! That was back in early 2005 I believe.

Fast forward to February 2008, where I am currently residing in Alaska which does NOT contain Sprint towers. Three things to remember here;
1) I have been living here since June 2007.
2) I DO have roaming included in my plan and have since I signed up with Sprint in 2004.
3) I don't use my phone but maybe once a week, only because I hate talking on the phone and don't have the ability to use text anymore.

Saturday, February 9th - My minutes reset on the 4th of each month. The last time my phone had seen any use, was a missed call on February 3rd. I go to make a phone call and realize that my phone had been shut off. My bill is set to auto-pay so I have absolutely no idea why my phone would be shut off without notification. My monthly bill is about $43, I don't use my phone enough to even possibly go over my minutes, and I'm unable to use text, internet, or anything else that could pile on charges. Upon checking my account online I see I am $233 OVER my $200 spending limit. (ie: my total owed was $433) I can't get into anything else on the site to tell me WHY my account is that high. *sigh* I have to go and get my husband's phone so I can call Customer Service.

I call Customer Service and find out that said charges are from about 600 minutes worth of ROAMING CHARGES! I also find out that my service was suspended on the 6th due to said charges. I inform him that I have roaming included in my plan, and he checks this. Golly gee, I do have roaming included in my plan. And no, I haven't had an issue with roaming charges since I've lived here. I also ask him from what date were these roaming charges because there was no way in hell I had used 600 minutes in two days. First he tells me November, no wait, December, maybe January? *face palm* Whatever. First he tells me that he'll be able to take care of $200 worth of charges. Then he tells me he'll add minutes to my account to offset the charges I already have... double u tee eff? I tell him that he needs to get ALL of the charges taken care of, because roaming is included in my plan. After being on hold for a bit, he comes back and tells me everything is taken care of and my phone is back on. I check, sure enough my phone is back on, and I thank him and hang up.

Monday, February 11 - I go to make a phone call before heading out. Oh lookie, my phone is off AGAIN! Annoyed and busy, I decide to hold off till the next day to call. (I had only made one call after my phone was turned back on.)

Tuesday, February 12 - I call Customer Service again, and this time get a female CSR. There are two things wrong here - she has an accent, and speaks very quickly. *groan* I inform the CSR that I called on Saturday about my account, explained why my phone was shut off, and was told everything was taken care of. I told her I was curious as to why my phone was shut off again. She then proceeds to tell me about the roaming charges and such. Mind you I just told her about said charges and that that was why my phone was shut off in the first place. She then informs me that I should have the roaming settings on my phone set to "Sprint Only" to avoid roaming charges. I explain that I live in Alaska, and that doing that would render my phone completely useless. Regardless, she decides to offer the suggestion several times throughout the conversation. (Where do they find these idiots!?) She sends my account to the people in the "back room" to figure out what's up, thus I'm put on and off hold for awhile. She comes back offering no real answers, and tells me she's going to do this, that, and the other to my account, and that it is only good for a week, but my stuff should be taken care of by then... blah blah blah... She then tells me my phone is back on, I check it, and it is hooray.

Then after all is said and done she says "well I see here that your contract has expired, would you like to renew it?" I politely tell her "no thanks," and we hang up. What I really wanted to say was "and deal with this shite every month? HellFawkingNO!"

Later I e-mail customer service, because I've found that I receive better/more efficient service through e-mail than over the phone.
Question: I have called twice about the roaming charges on my account,
and haven't gotten much of a straight answer. I recently had my phone
suspended twice due to roaming charges that put me well over my spending
limit, when I have roaming included on my plan.

Now that I'm looking over my plan I see two roaming columns. "Domestic
Roaming" and "Domestic Roaming Long Distance." "Domestic Roaming" is
apparently not included in my plan but "Domestic Roaming LD" is? I have
never had a problem with this before, and I've been living in Alaska
since this past June. I'm just wondering why this has suddenly become an

Also I am wondering why my account is still approx $11 away from my
spending limit when my bill is only $41, and I was told the roaming
charges were going to be removed from my account. Thank you.

I get a reply back informing me of what I already knew (getting charged for Roaming), and that indeed $340 was being disputed and shouldn't be affecting my spending limit. There were no changes made to my account, so she didn't know why this was happening now. (At that time my spending limit was like $181.) I was also told that this would be resolved by the 27th, and should contact them then. So I was looking at going a good two weeks without an answer.

Saturday, February 16 - I go to make a call... wait for it... Yup, my phone was shut off again, and I hadn't used it AT ALL since it was turned back on Thursday. (Mind you, I've been using my husband's cell phone to call them) At that point I just gave up calling them because I was getting sick of talking to people who didn't know what they were doing. I also figured my phone was just going to get shut off AGAIN in two days time.

As of this moment my account is currently $320 OVER the $200 spending limit ($520). Which means I'm obviously getting back charged in roaming. Not to mention I can't access damn near anything else in my account online. I'm probably going to call them tomorrow and raise some hell until I get some straight answers.

I've checked my husband's account online, because we both have separate accounts with Sprint. There's no problems with the site, and he hasn't been back charged for anything yet. I thought that maybe it was because my contract had expired? Nope, my husband still has another year left on his, and they have started charging him roaming as well. So after they take care of the roaming charges on mine, I'm telling them to discontinue my service. We're also planning on discontinuing his as well. *sigh* Guess Sprint has to shaft everyone, they just hadn't made it to me yet.

EDIT: as of 0330 February 23rd Alaska Local Time my total bill is $560... notice how I have NOT used my phone in a week due to it being shut off.

EDIT: So at 0400 February 23rd I called Sprint again, and got my phone turned back on again. So right now my total on my spending limit is $150. That is about all he could do for me on that matter, however he did get the site working for me again. ^_^
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