mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote in bad_service,

Ah Sprint, let me vent at you

It started 4 weeks ago, I sent a picture mail to my roommate.  After weeks of him receiving the same picture mail over and over again and 4 calls to Sprint and me flashing my phone, Sprint agreed that it was their fault for bombarding him with 200+ text messages to view said picture mail.  This was last night.

The person informed me they would delete and then recreate my sprint vision account which would disable my text messaging and my wireless web and that would be the end of the bombarding my roommate with the same message.  They do the reset, I am told it will be 24 hours before everything is back and functioning, in 20 minutes my text messages are working again and I notice the web isn't, but I figure I'll give it 24 hours.

I get a call back informing me that they have now looked at the account and that only 2 messages had been sent to my roommate so that it's his provider's side... huh, odd I think... odder still he hasn't gotten a single message from me since the reset... but no whoop, it's stopped...

About 6 I notice I've had several phone calls and no messages... on a whim I decide to check my voicemail as occasionally I do not get a notification about it - my voicemail box containing 4 rather important voicemails has been deleted... I figure, eh, I remember what's going on I can get all the info from these tomorrow when I'm at work.  Been nice if Sprint would have told me my voicemail would be gone.

8am today comes, it's been 24 hours, web still isn't working, I call up Sprint and talk to a woman who wants me to do a couple of things on the phone... since I am on the phone I ask if she can call me, she says yes, I give her my phone number and hang up... no call... ever.  I thought for a second perhaps she wrote down the wrong number, but she never called me on the sprint line either...

9:30am I call in and talk to someone who tells me their entire system is down... she asks if I am a store or if I am a customer, I tell her I'm a custoner, she says "oh sh**", I laugh, tell her what happened and she says for me to switch my phone over to sprint provisioning and that everything will be better in 2 hours and she's taking care of it.

11:30am comes and goes and my web doesn't work, I call again and talk to another sprint person who tells me that I have to unlock the pri in order for provisioning to work, so I unlock the pri sign on, bam it works.

1 text message = 8 calls, about 2 hours of talking to people... a day without web, 4 voicemails I needed gone, Sprint fails at making me a happy camper..

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