Pip (epiphling) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Slumlord

Dear Slumlord I'm Renting From, 

I have put up with your bullshit reasons as to why the very simple things that need fixing around the house have not been done.  You've been kind to us in the past, when we were in a spot of financial difficulty and let our rent slide a little.  We caught up. In full.  Less than two months later. Stop halfassedly trying on every second or third rental receipt you actually get around to giving me to show that I still owe you $95.  I don't. Piss off.

That does not tip the balance any longer on why all the small, simple repairs that have been needing doing around the house since BEFORE I MOVED IN have not been done.  I have asked you repeatedly to replace the floor in my son's room, which is linoleum and is tearing away from the walls in large chunks. You have not.  I have asked you to fix the hole in my cupboard which has been there since before I moved in. You have not.  I have asked you to put waterproofing in the bathroom and kitchen. You have not, and your "nice new flooring" has proven to be the cheapest flooring you could possibly find as it has torn up in dozens of places from mopping three times a week.

This does not even begin to cover the shit that you've been ordered by the city to do.  You were told under no uncertain circumstances in OCTOBER that the city building inspectors needed repairs done ASAP on this place.  Like the windows in the bedroom. You know, the ones that are a friggin' fire hazard and don't open?  The inspector himself told me that your excuse of "well, the ground's frozen, and it'll have to wait til spring before we can dig up the ground" does not fly.  In fact, his exact words were "We don't care about their excuses, it has to be done."  

You have thirty houses and you can't manage to find someone to bring a replacement fridge for the one that's crapped out for two months? Get real. Excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse doesn't just make you a bad landlord.  It makes you a pretty shitty person too.

It's my own fucking fault I've been putting up with this for so long.  Your penultimate stunt, changing the rental payment agreement after two years of paying this way with less than three weeks notice apparently in spite after I called to ask you about when these very necessary repairs would get done, was the very last straw.  Your latest stunt, sending your son out at ten p.m. tonight when you know I have kids that are asleep to do "repairs" that I haven't even asked for, was just the icing on the cake.

I'm out of this rathole next week.  No, you can't have notice.  I don't have a lease with you; our agreement is month-to-month, despite us living here two years.  I owe you nothing.  I dare you to take me to small claims since I'm not giving you a month's notice.  I'll try and take you to court for criminal negligence. Those windows pose a health and safety hazard -- you replaced the ones in the kids' room but not the one in the master bedroom, and if there's a fire, there's a very good chance that if we actually use the room for sleeping (which we rarely do anymore), we could die because there's no secondary escape route.  You were told this. You know this. You did nothing.  

So fuck you, slumlord. I'll be sure the city building inspectors take a nice, long look at this place right before I move into my centrally-heated, overall cheaper apartment in a nice building with an all-night convenience store on the corner of the parking lot.  I hope you get shut down. I'm not vindictive enough to really try for it, but I'm practical enough to know that someone else might try to live in this shithole after I move out.  I intend to see you unable to fuck them as you have fucked me. 

Have a LOVELY day,

 I know I've been a doormat with this woman, I tend to be pretty passive with a lot of stuff (which is why I married a very headstrong man -- I can fight with him no problem, and he can confront the stuff I'd personally let slide), but even I've reached my limits.
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