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Fucking NSA!

I posted about this here, nearly three months ago.

This "collections" company, North Shore Agency Inc, after being quiet for months, sent me another "notice" about how I need to pay them 12.95 that I don't fucking owe them. They continue to claim that this is from the Rolling Stone magazine subscription I have.

In December, I contacted Rolling Stone and through a series of e-mails, told them I was paid on my account until August 2009, and that I didn't owe them money. Rolling Stone agreed that I didn't owe them money and that I was paid up until 2009. Just to be safe, I paid for another six months, which came to about ten dollars. And all was silent. Three blissful months.

Then today, another notice. It's the most unprofessional notice too. When I google them, it looks like they are a complete scam. They're being sued in a class action lawsuit. I know for a FACT that I owe no one money, and they don't have my SSN or my Rolling Stone subscription number, so I'm pretty sure this is bogus. I'm just infuriated I keep recieving these notices. I sent off another e-mail to Rolling Stone, asking them to contact this company and tell them I don't owe them anything. I'm considering this to be harrasment, basically.

I don't know what else I can do. The number on the notice is just a "pay now" message, without any way to talk to a real human being, and the postings I've read online say that people's letters to them have been returned as undeliverable. Do I just have to grin and bare it while they keep sending me notices for a debt (of tweleve fucking dollars!) that I don't owe?

I consider the following letter to be deeply unprofessional and almost laughable. I'm tired of recieving them.

Be realistic.

You don't get something for nothing.

The magazines ordered from our client, ROLLING STONE, have a value. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been an order placed for that subscription.

That value is the amount of $12.95.

We expect full payment for that subscription. The value of sending payment on your part is to protect your account with our client.

That account has a value, too. Don't damage yours.

Make a check payable to NORTH SHORE AGENCY INC and mail in the envelope provided.

You don't get something for nothing.

That's not the way it works and you know that. Resolve this matter and collection of this account will stop.

Seriously? That makes me sick. "You don't get something for nothing". You don't say. I don't owe you money, so you, NSA, aren't getting something for nothing either!
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