Karlito (acrackinmyarmor) wrote in bad_service,

Freecreditreport.com BS

So I signed up for a paid membership a while ago. My fault for choosing that instead of the one-time free report that I had intended upon. I have no expectations of refunds or anything, as I was the dumbass who signed up, I just want to stop paying $15/mo for something I don't use.

I call...

*32 minutes of being on hold, from 8:30-9:02, this is important*
Fast-talking Call Center Woman: HellocanIhelpyou?
Me: Hi, yes, I'd like to cancel my account.
CCW: OkayandcanIhaveyoursocialsecurityandblahblahblahverificationinformation
Me: *provides*
CCW: And why would you like to cancel?
Me: Well, I don't really want it, I mean I haven't even logged into it in months.
CCW: OH!Well,gotothemain site.
Me: *does so* Okay...
CCW: Now click "Login."
Me: *does so* Alright...
CCW: Nowenterallofyourinformation.
Me: *does so* Alright, I don't really see how--
CCW: Andareyouonthemainpage?
Me: Yeah, but--
CCW: Thereyougo!That'showyouloginGOODNIGHT!*click*
Me: But I--*realizes he's been hung up upon*--$&@#!!!!

I called back, and got...

"Thank you for calling Experian. Our offices are closed, please try again tomorrow."
For Christ's sake, I wasn't being passive aggressive, I really wanted to cancel my account. It's not much of a suck, I'll figure it out tomorrow, but I didn't even get a chance to say anything!
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