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my obsession with pendant watches

ok, so I went looking for pendant watches, and I found out about Marc by Marc Jacobs watches.  There's like a whole bunch of different styles, so I went a little crazy, and I've bought several of these watches from different places.  I got a couple from Bloomingdales online, and one from Macys in NYC, and another from kitson online.  Kitson was the only place I could find one I especially wanted - a mousie!

Every single watch I've gotten has come with a box and a pouch.  They're really nice and have the MJ logo on them and stuff.  I really like the boxes and pouches - they add to the experience, the luxury of the whole thing.  I dunno, maybe I'm being silly, but it seems like part of the experience to me.

kitson's watch came to me today... with no box... and no pouch... it came with a kitson box - a generic white box I could buy from any jewelry supply, but it has a kitson sticker on it.  *sigh*  I paid full retail price for this, plus shipping.

Anyway, I called kitson, and they were like, "that's how we ship them".  No explanation, no offer to locate a REAL MJ box, nothing.  Just general indifference.  The guy on the phone was nice about it, but still, no actual knowledge, apart from an email address to their buyer.  Called Marc Jacobs corporate and was told THEY DONT SELL TO KITSON.  And the guy on their phone line was kinda terse about the whole thing, and very indifferent about the idea that somebody's out there selling their merchandise without the stuff that's supposed to come with it.

I sent email to the buyer at kitson, and to the ladies line sales manager in the US regarding the issue, and i'm waiting for an answer. 

am I being silly?  I guess I can store the watch in one of the other boxes with another watch, but I feel like the box/pouch is part of the value of what I paid. 

It's not a fake.  I've got four MJ watches already and I know what to look for.  I'm just annoyed about the box and pouch, that's all. 
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