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Bridal Shop Suck

Long time lurker...blah blah...on to the suck.

My friend became engaged over the summer/fall and asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I accepted and soon after she chose a designer for her bridal party to wear. Only one store in the area carries this designer--so I trucked my happy self over there in November to try on dresses and order one. I tried on dresses, chose one, and came back the first week of December to place my order. (Custom order, I'm 6'2 and had to have five inches of fabric added to the dress) It should be noted that I wasn't thrilled with the service I received... but it's what my friend wants and they're the only place that carries the damn dress. I ordered the dress and wait for it to come in.

The last week of January rolls around and the bridal shop calls me to let me know that my dress is in. The earliest they can get me in to get fitted is Feb 2nd. I asked to schedule an appointment and was told that they didn't schedule appointments for fittings (!) and to just call the day before to confirm that the seamstress will be in. I call on the 1st and never get an answer---but I figure they're busy. I go in on the second---get fitted for my dress---confirm the dates for the wedding (March 1st) and go on my way. The bridal shop says my dress will be ready in a week for the second fitting and that they'll call me.

Flash forward to today. I'm sitting at work and I realize that they haven't called. It slipped my mind with being sick and studying for my midterms. I call: the number has been disconnected. Figuring I mis-dialed the number, I pull up the website on the computer. The website is no longer online. Slight perplexed---I start doing some research on google only to come across four irate posts on a local city services website confirming that their number has been disconnected along with allegations that the company is in financial trouble.

Well, shit.

I was on my way out the door to my night class and asked my boyfriend to go to the store and get my dress out anyway he can. He arrives to a closed bridal store, an angry mob, and the local news in the parking lot. (Wohoo...there's video too)

Apparently, I'm not the only one who wanted their dress out immediatley. Rumor has it that an agry mob on Saturday started this.

There are allegations that they're scamming brides by taking money and not delivering dresses among other things. The stero shop who shares the same complex claims they don't keep advertised business hours. In addition, the stero shop has been forced to take returned tuxes from customers because the store isn't open half the time. The store didn't open at all today, phone calls to both the manager and owner were not returned.

So, here I am a week and a half away from my friend's out of town wedding, and it looks like I have no dress. My mom, bless her heart, is going in the morning and parking herself outside in an attempt to get my dress back. If they even decide to open. If she can't get it back--I have no idea what I'm going to do.


ETA: My mom went this morning and was met with another angry mob (30+ people according to the news. My mom calls BS and says 50) and even more news cameras. Managment never showed up nor did employees. Someone was able to get ahold of an employee who says she's going to come at 1pm and let people in one by one. If the dress has been paid for in full and it's in the store she claims she'll give it to people--no questions asked. My dress is paid in full, but the alterations have not been paid for. So my mom has a book and all my paperwork and is waiting in line to see if the girl actually shows up. I'm going on my lunch break to see if anything actually happens.

ETA II I HAVE MY DRESS!!! The police were called in, and they finally opened the store around 1:30. They let us in one and a time to see if they could help us. I snagged a spot at the front of the line and the girl inside recognized me and called me in. I was very lucky--my dress was there and I didn't have to pay for alterations. Others weren’t so lucky. One woman called the manufactures of her wedding dress. The bridal shop never placed her order, and was shocked to learn that the shop was still carrying the dress as the style had been discontinued for at least a year. This poor woman is out her money and only has a month before her wedding. :-(

The best local coverage---I actually made the video carrying out my dress. And apparenty they have an exclusive interview with a former employee at 10. THanks for the words of support and advice!
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