camper4lyfe (camper4lyfe) wrote in bad_service,

I should have posted here about this a LONG time ago, but honestly, I forgot about this community.

Back in the beginning of November (November 9th, I do believe), I placed an order with for a Christmas present for my dad. Thinking that this was AMPLE time to receive it, as I don't like cutting it close when it comes to Christmas shopping.

7 days after placing the order I get a confirmation email saying that the item had shipped. GREAT, I think to myself. One less present to have to worry about. Boy how I was mistaken.

Over the course of the next week, I checked on the status of my order, and it always said "preliminary", even though I had received a shipping notice. A phone call to the "company" tells me that it's not a company at all, but some woman working out of her HOUSE in Canada. No big deal, I'll just leave a message and they'll call back. HA! A week goes by, and I don't hear anything, so I call back again. Nothing. Leave another message. Call back the next day and FINALLY get Lori, the "owner". Apparently there was a problem in the warehouse, and my order would ship out as soon as possible. Fine. Whatever. 2 weeks later I get an email saying that my order had been shipped. we're moving.

A slight back story. I moved into an apartment in May of last year, so all of my mail has been getting forwarded to my apartment. Now, I don't want this package sent to my apartment because I just don't trust people, so I request that it be sent to me at work. That's the address that I put in ON THE WEB SITE WHEN I PLACED THE ORDER. Come to find out, the package got shipped to my parents' address, the address on my Paypal account that I forgot to change prior to paying (this was partially my fault, but mostly on their end). I try to contact Lori to find out which address she shipped it to. No response. I email. No response. I find ANOTHER email address for her, no response.

FINALLY, I get a hold of a tracking number and see that it was delivered to my parents' house, but had to be forwarded to my new address. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Forwarding a package like that costs extra. I call up Lori yet again, and tell here that I don't know where my package is, and didn't know if it was being returned to her, or if it was going to get forwarded (USPS didn't have that information). This is all happening on the Monday the week before Christmas. I find the charge on Paypal and begin the dispute charge, just in case something happened to the package, because lord knows, Lori was far from dependable at this point.

As it turns out, the package IS forwarded to my new address, but they won't leave it without a signature. Of course, they attempt delivery on the Saturday before Christmas while I'm not home. UGH! Christmas Eve I schlep myself off to the post office to pick up my package, and pay the extra $6 that it cost to forward my package. Thank Gord it wasn't damaged.

When I last spoke with Lori, she agreed to reimburse me for the forwarding charge, even though I wanted her to refund my entire shipping fee (on the order to $20) because SHE sent it to the wrong address. If you're going to ship to the Paypal address, WHY would you ask for a shipping address on YOUR order page?? Fine. Whatever. Give me my money back.

The Paypal dispute is closed because "she can't refund me with the dispute still open". I find this a tad fishy, but close it anyway. It's only $6, if she flakes out on me. A month goes by, no refund. 6 weeks, no refund. I email her to find out what's going on with my refund. No response. I email her again, no direct response. 1 week later, I finally have my refund back to my Paypal.

It took almost 4 months for this woman to set things straight.

I am NEVER doing business with her again, and I strongly urge you to spread the word.

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