bufi44 (bufi44) wrote in bad_service,

Sunday Morning Breakfast...Beyond Leisurely

The local diner has some great servers. This isn't one of them:

It took five minutes to get water. That should have been our clue this was going to be a mess. The waitress took our order, which included coffee. We had a ten minute wait for her to go across the room (not all that far) to get it. Breakfast arrived shortly after the coffee.
The waitress never came back to refill cups. However, she did go to the table behind us with the pot and to the table in front of us. Maybe she didn't think we deserved coffee refills.
Worst part was, every time she walked by she would turn in such a way that we couldn't even get her attention. We finally called to her from across the room (she was deep in discussion with another waitress). She brought a refill and now became obxiously attentive. Example1: I had ordered a meal that was totally devoid of cholesterol. In addition, I had specified that I would like Promise instead of butter for my bagel. With better than half the bagel eaten, she insists that I should have cream cheese for the bagel. Example2:I had eaten the top half and a small amount of the bottom of my bagel. She wanted to wrap it up for me to take home. Sorry, but a bagel with Promise on it holds no allure for being eaten later in the day.
To say that service sucked is to be exaggeratingly kind. What should have been a 40 minute meal at most took close to 1.5hours.

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