Mau (eienmau) wrote in bad_service,

Severely annoyed..

While checking over our bank account this morning, I saw an unknown charge of $5.19 from NCIC. I asked my husband - he had no clue what it was, either. So I called the 800 number listed, and was answered by a woman. I tried to explain that we didn't know what the charge was - she insisted she needed a card # in order to look up the charge. If we don't know what the charge is for, how would we know what card was used? =\
At that point, I handed the phone over to my husband, because her accent was hard for me to decipher, and he suddenly remembered that he had used a pay phone on Wednesday to call me [we were meeting at the store after he got off work; he was there at 3.. our daughter doesn't get home from school til 3:20.. how he expected me to be there at 3, I have no idea]. He didn't have any change on him, so he used his debit card.

Sooo.. for a 30-second local phone call which should have been $.50 (if he had had change) the charge was $5.19. Ripoff much? And not only that, but he said she sounded pretty smug about there being a 'service charge' whenever you use a credit card.

[He needs to get a cell phone. XP]
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