Kristi (moxispilot) wrote in bad_service,

Target Suck

I was shopping at one of those Super Targets, and I had a healthy cartful of food and sundry; I wasn't in any particular hurry, the store was open for another two hours, and when I had come in, it was slow-ish, but four people were running registers.

As I was heading back to the registers with my purchases, it appeared that two of the four had closed, and one of the only two remaining was an express lane (10/12/20 items or less, whatever their policy is). Obviously, with my cartload, I opted for the other cashier...

...who decided to close after ringing up the customer in line ahead of me, and shrugging at me and motioning vaguely to the other register.

Well, I really had no problem with this, seeing as there was no one in line for the Express Lane...but when I got over there, the girl looked at my cart, rolled her eyes, and told me, "This is the *Express* Lane. You have too many items. You'll have to go to another register."


I stood there gaping, and she just stared at me.

"The other registers are all closed," was all I managed to blurt out.

She eventually realized the TRUTH of my words (she couldn't be bothered to turn around and look for herself - I had to convince her of the fact!) and rang me up with much sighing and complaining about how irresponsible her coworkers were.

I'm so glad there are no Targets where I live now; I won't be going back for a while.
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