Kyria Charm (nyquilchild) wrote in bad_service,
Kyria Charm

rude cashier

I'm writing this for my friend, but I was there when it happened. I'm still in shock. I thought this shit only happened on LJ. I'm furious. We've both written letters to corporate about it.

We were at the grocery story, and my friend had her baby with her. My friends looks about 15 or 16, but she's 23. She's used to the evil looks by now, but she's never used to the comments. We were picking up some formula, diapers, etc. The cashier started off by giving us a dirty look. And when she got to cashing the formula out, she simply said "if you're going to make a big mistake when you're so young, you might as well do it right."

I was shocked. I just said "Um, excuse me?" and my friend did the same.

The cashier responded with "If you're going to be a mom at 17, you might as well do it right. Or at least TRY to do it right."

My friend was so pissed. "Excuse me? You have no right to question my parenting." It was close to that.

The cashier rolled her eyes and continued scanning. She clucked her tongue and mumbled something under her breath. I'd had it. "You can can the attitude and do your job." While my friend finished up, I went directly to customer service. When the cashier finished, she headed over too, and as soon as the manager came out, she started talking. The manager raised an eyebrow and turned to us. We told him what happened, and the manager rolled his eyes and sighed. He told us that he'd handle the situation, and he gave us a booklet of coupons and apologized to us several times. He handled it well, but this was all so uncalled for.
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