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To Paraphrase Scarlette O'Hara:

"I'll never use Dell again!"

Dell tech support has had 6 hours of my time over two days to fix the internet connection with my laptop. They have not been able to do this. Instead they have:

Screwed with the various settings so bad that I don't think I'll ever get it back to normal.

Changed all the settings on the router, including making it unsecured! And the password for some reason, so I had to do a hard reset, and now the damn thing doesn't work (broadcasts, etc, but won't connect)

Refused to fix the router (well rather, a "We will work on the router after we fix the computer" and then 3 hours later when I have to go to work nothing's fixed. Gave up and did it myself with very little success).

Could not grasp the fact that when I have digital phone, I can't do a hard reboot of the modem - the call will be lost! And hell if I'm wasting those minutes on my cell phone.

Accused me of lying when I said I didn't have a CD or flash drive laying handy. Sorry you're so gung-ho on reinstalling my OS, but I'm not willing to take that chance yet.

Pester me with a time you can call me back so that we can reinstall the OS because "It is the only way you will get your internet back". Sorry hun, don't know my schedule next week (server), but Monday's probably your best bet.

I told her this Tuesday. Wednesday? 3 messages on my answering machine "I just want to know how your computer is doing, so I'm leaving a voice message in your voicemail, please respond to my email". Yesterday? Another 3. Sorry that I work doubles Tues-Sat, but more seriously, is anyone usually home between 3-4pm? And respond to your email? The computer doesn't connect to the internet! And the only thing you've done is ensure that none of the computers work! (Gotta love friends and their 'net).

On a slightly better note, I found a guy that a.) speaks english, b.) will come out here and fix the whole mess on Sunday. All for some pizza and a 12-pack!
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