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Attack squid likes to eat your soul!

Rigoletto Cafe - Applecross (Perth, WA)

This restaraunt, and in particular their manager Erica's behaviour, is thoroughly disgusting and disappointing. I'm a large woman. I know my restaraunt foods. We eat out in many restaraunts very regularly (most of the Applecross restaraunts listed in this year's entertainment book are great and we're regulars at more than half of them). We have used the Perth, Sydney and Melbourne books for many years on many occasions and I also do the fundraising book coordination for our group. I can honestly say that I havenever come across someone quite as deceptive and rude as she was.

Of the 4 different staff that served us, only 1 was attentive and polite. The 1 man and 2 dark haired girls seemed very disinterested and the girls tended to slop plates down and look everywhere but at us. They were reasonably busy, so it was almost impossible to hear over the noise (it's not a venue built with sound in mind - hard surfaces allover, small areas and lots of customers just don't mix)

Firstly, the garlic bread was burnt. No big deal, it scrapes off and we ate that with no fuss.

Secondly, the Diet Coke was flat - again, no big deal, maybe they just needed to change the CO2 on their post mix dispenser. I drank it.

My partner ordered the gnocchi which came exactly as described on the menu. An average gnocchi, but not an $18.90 gnocchi.

Here's where the problem starts. I ordered the $28.90 "seared scallops with yoghurt dressing" (word for word from their menu). What I received was a tin boat filled with mash potato, 5 scallops placed on top (that looked and tasted very very boiled), then a very very large chunk of melted cheese on top - basically a potato bake with plenty of cheese, some milk and a few scallops included. No yoghurt to be tasted anywhere in the one spoonfull I had.

When I got hold of the waitress (luckily, the polite one) and explained that this potato bake with boiled scallops was not what I ordered, nor was it at all what the menu described ("Seared scallops with yoghurt dressing"), and that I would like to send it back and receive the correct meal, she said that "this is the only scallop dish we have". I pointed it out to her on the menu and we agreed that it did not at all match the description and appeared to be a completely different item to that which was described and ordered.

I asked if it could be sent back, taken off the bill, and I'd just sit and wait for my partner to finish and pick at his plate. She took the uneaten meal away and said "I'll talk to my manageress as soon as she's free". About 10-15 mins later, my partner finished his meal and it was time to leave. The waitress had not returned, so I flagged her down and asked if she had spoken to the manager yet. She informed me that the manageress had said to her that I will still be charged for the full meal as I did not specifically ask what was in it, but it would be better to talk to the manageress about it anyway.

We were served at the register by the manageress, a small blonde lady who apparently is named Erica. I politely and very calmly explained the problem, and that we would like to pay the bill minus the scallop dish which was not as described and was taken away from us. She very bluntly said that "No, because you didn't ask for it to be without potato and cheese". I explained to her how it was described on the menu (SEARED scallops with YOGHURT DRESSING) and her response was "yes it had yoghurt in it and you have to pay the full $28.90". I stated (amazingly, quite calming, although I was obviously shaking under the table) that it was not as described, even her own waitress agreed on that, we were happy to pay the rest of the bill, but were not willing to pay for a meal that was not what we ordered, and was removed from us and not returned. She continued to state "well you didn't ask about the meal first" and "I'm going to call the police then". The bill came to $60+, the scallops would have been $28.90. It is interesting to point out that most other dishes on the menu came with quite full descriptions. What staggered me is the angry blunt attitude that greeted us from Erica from the moment we walked up to the counter (it had that feeling of this happens often) and the fact that she left us sitting there for 15 minutes without coming and discussing the situation at all. It appears that she had instructed the poor waitress not to speak to us either.

Unfortunately, both my partner and I had $50 notes, but no smaller bills (so we could not just leave the correct amount and walk). In the end I had her take the entertainment discount off (about $15.90), paid her and told her that we were extremely disappointed and the event appeared to breach Fair Trading laws (I quoted the section numbers to do with misleading and deceptive conduct, false and misleading advertising, bait n switch, etc). I asked for the meal that was removed to be boxed up and if I could take it with me. She did go and retrieve it from the kitchen - don't worry I won't be eating it - it definitely looks like it had been scraped back out of the bin or sink, so I have frozen it and may happily give it to Fair Trading.

On our way out I found the polite waitress, who looked disappointed that we had had no success with manageress Erica either, thanked her for her service and reassured her that she did everything right and she had dealt with the situation very well. I suggested she look at better restaraunts to work for because she was good and definitely had talent that would be welcomed by other places.

I do hope that this restaurant goes the way of the others that have come before it in that location and closes it's doors.

So, the place to avoid is
Rigoletto Cafe in Applecross (Perth, Western Australia)
Shop 1/4 Sleat Road
Applecross WA 6153

It is just opposite McDonalds and Chicken Threat (not my favorite places, but at least you can be served politely and get what you order and pay for there)

There are heaps of other great restaurants nearby - Thai Corner, Clancys Fish pub, Hayashi, the new Hana BBQ. There's also 2 different, VERY GOOD italian places just 3 mins drive along Canning Hwy. No one needs to settle for Rigoletto and Erica the super bitch.

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