Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Update to this post from yesterday:

I spoke with the store manager a few hours ago.

Her response? "Oh hell no."

To make a long discussion short, apparently this is far from the first complaint she's received about this particular sales associate. She didn't care if they were busy or not, she should have taken the time to check my ring. Her suspicions where the same as some of the people that commented on my last post, she was afraid she was going to miss out on commission.

From what the manager said, I don't think I'll be seeing this woman there anymore. She isn't new, she's just an ass. Apparently if she doesn't believe she's going to sell anything, she won't deal with those customers.

The manager knows I'm busy and that I took my free time to do this. (2 jobs, school, family, cats) She said that since the woman was rude to me, if I can't make it in before the end of the month, and something happens to my ring before I can get it checked, she'll be sure to push it through on warranty anyway.

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