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Maybe it’s not bad service, maybe I’m just oversensitive. But I’m upset. Cut for length.

I bought some stuff on ebay…clothes for my daughter, mostly, plus two crosstitch patterns. I live in an apartment complex where all the mailboxes are in one place next to the rental office. I went to get my mail last night after work and two of my packages with my daughter’s dresses were on top of the mailboxes, opened up by whoever wanted to see what was inside (I guess if it was something they wanted I never would have found it). My assumption is that it never got put in my mailbox, since my mailbox locks.
So this morning I call USPS and put in a formal complaint. They give me the number to the post office branch that handles my mail. I call them and get a supervisor, who listens to me and puts me on hold. She then puts the mail carrier on the phone, who is immediately nasty and spitting his words at me. And then ended up yelling at me and interrupting me.

Me: Self explanatory
MC: Mail carrier
MC: What do you want?
Me: I was holding for someone.
MC: That was me.
Me: Who are you?
MC: I’m the carrier for your apartment complex.
Me: Oh. Well, when you delivered, the mail didn’t get in my mailbox. And it was on top of the community mailboxes for anyone to get to. And someone opened it and went through my packages.
MC: Lady, it was in your mailbox. Those were small packages, they fit.
Me: But…they weren’t in my mailbox.
MC: Your mailbox is unlocked.
Me: No, it isn’t. It was locked when I opened it.
MC: Yes, it is. It’s unlocked or broken or something.
Me: Okay…fine, if you knew it was broken, why didn’t you say something? Or leave me a “we tried to deliver for you” yellow slips?
MC: I didn’t know it was broken.
Me: If you didn’t know it was broken, how do you know to tell me now?
MC: Oh – someone told me when I was closing the door – they said, hey that mailbox is open.
Me: You knew it was broken but you left it there anyway?
MC: Once I put it in your mailbox, it ain’t my problem anymore, it’s yours.
Me: But you knew anyone could steal my mail…
MC: I don’t care. It’s not my problem. .

So, it could get stolen but it’s not the postal carrier’s fault even if he knew while he was there that the mailbox was broken? The strange thing is…I had two gift cards mailed to me for my kids that was in the mailbox, they were still there. What if my bank statement was in there? Something with my SSN?

So I called the USPS back and they escalated my complaint. They told me that if a carrier knows a mailbox is unsafe they can’t leave mail – they have to put the mail on hold and notify you. They escalated my claim to consumer affairs.

Now I’m going to take off work early and open a post office box and have my mail forwarded. The guy was so nasty and mean I’m kinda worried he’ll “accidentally” not deliver my packages from now on.
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