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Bad Service from Insurance Company

I hope this will be my last post for a while but this started last week and ended this morning.

Cut because it is the rules

I had this typed up on my desktop when it happened so I wouldn't forget anything. Explaination for waiting so long is at the bottom.

To understand this, a quick back story needs to be told. When my brother in law split with his girlfriend, she dropped him from her insurance. We added him to ours, having Geico at the time.

For three months Gieco allowed him to remain on our policy, only to send us a letter to state they were not renewing us next policy term due to his marks on his Driver's Lisence. I will give him credit, he thought those things had been taken care of. But Geico told us, if we removed him, they would reinstate us. We told them, no thank you and we would look elsewhere.

So we go to a place that my husband had when he first moved down to Florida. It is a Broker Company who never did him wrong so we went in and filed.

We had two vehicles to add. My car which is a 2000 Saturn and his truck which was ( this is explained in a minute) a Ford F150 Ranger.

The man who took us, we will call him T for short, was telling stories about his time in Louisiana while he was filing. We requested clearly that we wanted full coverage on both vehicles. He gave us a quote which was low and seemed to fit with our income. We were happy.

We get the paperwork from the main insurance company, only to find out two things.

One..The only vehicle on the policy was my car


Two..It only had the basic coverage you need to get a tag.

So to straighten it up, my husband goes up to the broker and explained to the girl behind the counter what was going on. She couldn't find the truck in her database (moaning the entire time) so she had to hand write the policy. Hubby told her clearly, request full coverage on the truck and please boost the car up to full coverage. She agreed she would and we recieved yet another bill.

The amount had jumped up so we thought that it was due to the coverages. However when he went to pay, both only had basic coverage still. We decided to deal with it and drive extra carefully.

That was the first bad service. How the situation was handled by the broker.

The second came on the fifth of Feb.

We let our brother in law use the truck because his jeep broke down and he had to work. He works in roofing so he goes bunches of places. While the coverage was basic, he was covered under the policy as the driver.

On Feb.4th, he flipped the truck at two in the morning. We weren't made aware by my mother in law until eight am the same morning. Neither our brother in law or his friend was hurt bad. Just a few cuts and scrapes. The truck however, there was no hope. In a nut shell, the passangers side was crushed in, they had to cut our brother in law out of the drivers side, which meant the roof was damaged worse. There is no front windshield, no side windows. The motor was messed up and truthfully, for what it would have cost to repair the truck, we could get another one. That was the choice we made.

Both brother in law and his friend refused medical treatment. The friend went on his own and even though we offered to pay, he refused.

Now, bad service number 2 from same company.

On the fifth, my husband went up to remove the truck from the policy. There was no driving it and we felt paying for insurance for a totaled vehicle was uncalled for. So we walk in and this is what happened.

SG..Snobby girl

OG..Other girl who stays on her phone all the time

H..My sweet hubby.

SG..What do you need this time?

H..I would like to remove the truck from our policy.

SG..You just added it a few weeks ago.

H..My brother flipped it yesterday and we were having to deal with the details before I could come up to do this. (details being impound fee to get the tag)

SG..You already paid this month. You won't get a refund.

H..I just want to remove the truck. It's not drivable.

OG..Sounds fishy to me.

( of course I am not saying a word, I am still in shock about the truck being totaled)

H..Could we please do the paperwork? I have to drop my wife off and go check on my brother.

SG..Whatever. So are you filing a claim?

H..No need. The truck only had basic, not what we wanted and there is no repairing the truck. The truck wasn't covered under these circumstances.

SG..*jerking out the papers to remove the truck, finishes everything and basically throws the papers across the counter to husband.* Sign at the X. I don't get it, you just added the truck and now since your brother flipped it, you want it removed.

H.*signed paperwork* How long will this take to change?

SG..Whenever I enter it into the computer.

We left and then I went back in to get a soda, to hear the two girls taking to T..

T..So it was ******* **** What was he wanting?

SG..They flipped the truck and then came in to remove it. Said something about it only having basic.

OG..They were attempting insurance fraud I bet. They added the truck on, had it get totaled and then once they found out it wasn't covered, they want it removed. They seemed like they wanted money for another vehicle. Looks like it backfired.

T..Maybe not. It might have been an accident.

SG..I doubt it. The wreak happened yesterday, they only came in today. Why didn't they call and report it? Insurance fraud all the way.

By then I was so mad that once I got the drink I slammed the door so hard that it popped back opened. Not only where they assuming things, they spoke my husbands name where anyone could hear and placed their own input where it could be heard by everyone. They weren't trying too hard to be quiet with the information. I know there was two other customers in the office at the time. In all truth, I can't wait to see what our insurance company has to say about this. And the OG..Every time you go into the office, she is on her cell phone. Even when she is the only girl in the front, she still stays on it, while waiting on customers. The next time we make a payment, I am going to have a talk with T and explain to him that I heard every word they said and I don't appreciate it. However, at the end of our six month policy, we are going elsewhere for insurance. We don't have the extra money to pay for changing companies so until then, we are going to drive careful, real careful.

The whole reason I waited till today to post this was that I was waiting on our policy bill from the insurance, yep, you guessed it, still basic. When we asked our insurance company about changing it, they said we had to go through the broker to do so. Six months can't hurry enough.
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