Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Kay Jeweler's engagement ring came from Kay Jeweler's. For my warranty to stay good, I have to take my ring in every 6 months to get it checked.

Now, on the little pamphlet that they give you when you sign up for the gold plan, it doesn't have any specific days that you can and cannot take your ring in to be checked.

So..since I had a snow day from school, I decided to take my ring in to get checked today, since it is due for an evaluation this month.

I get there, and there's about 6 associates working and maybe 4 or 5 customers looking at jewelry.

One of the workers comes up to me and asks if I need anything. I tell her why I'm there. She asks if I have my receipt from the purchase, I tell her I do. She says good, because they'll have to mail it back to me. Its the day before Valentine's Day. They don't have time to do it today and I should have known that.

What the fuck!? It takes roughly 15 minutes to check a ring and that's it. There was no way in hell I was going to trust my ring to be mailed back to me.

I'm like, fine whatever and I leave. I was honestly too surprised to process it all the way.

They weren't that busy. I was willing to wait to have it checked. It really doesn't take that long. After I left, I went across the food court where the husband and son were putting money into the ice cream truck thing for my son to ride. As he enjoyed his ride, I watched the store to see how "busy" they really were. The woman that was rude to me just walked back and forth, wiping off glass.

Ex-fucking-scuse me!? I can't believe performing a service that I have paid for already is too much of a hassle. Boofuckinghoo that she wasn't going to make any commission off the few minutes she spent with me. Funny thing, when I happen to be wasting time in a jewelry store, I usually find a new piece of jewelry that I want to purchase. Well it looks like she lost a possible sale as well.

Oh, what's this? Why I do believe it is the store manager's cell phone number. Funny thing. My boss's sister is the manager of that particular Kay's. She also knows my jewelry buying habits. Looks like she'll be getting a phone call in the near future.
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