Tore (aishira) wrote in bad_service,


I have a Mastercard. I am seriously considering cancelling it just to stop the calls.

For one thing...when I say I'm not interested in one of your annoying add-ons (insurance, personalized checks, etc) I really really mean that I'm not interested. Telling you that I'm not interested is not secret code-speak for "Please call back in a week or two and pimp the same stuff to me...I might give in!"

For another thing...please to not be calling at all hours of the regular working day, every single weekday, and ignore my fiance when he tells you that I work during these hours.

Seriously, I'm not even joking, and I know he's not exaggerating because I've checked the incoming call list on our phone. They've called EVERY SINGLE Monday through Friday for almost three weeks now, between the hours of 8 and 4, when I'm working. Every single time they call my fiance says, "She works during these hours; if you want her please call back at night". I don't know if they're ignoring him completely or what. But apparently the other day he snapped (yeah, a bit of a customer suck, but can you really blame him?) and screamed into the phone, "For the millionth f**king time, she works during the f**king day and if you want her you have to call at f**king night!" The CSR told him that there was no need to yell and that she'd try again later.

They called again yesterday around noon.

When I call to cancel the card and they ask why I'm going to tell them it's because their staff can't follow simple instruction.

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