Alex (alexthedevil) wrote in bad_service,

Textbook woes

This is suck from both my university and the textbook supplier, but mainly the supplier.

My university sends out invoices for our school fees about a month or so before semester, which they did (never let it be said they miss an opportunity to get my money..) - but they didn't send out an invoice for our textbooks. That's fine, they've never done that, although we normally get told a rough estimation at least. I assumed they'd cost about $500, which is what it was the last year, and I was doing the same amount of subjects.

Cue the first day back, where we had a 2nd year 'briefing', where they informed us that our textbooks would not only be $700+, but the supplier was also coming the next afternoon and we had to pay them on the day. This wasn't necessarily a problem for me (except for the ridiculous prices), but a few people had problems as they had to transfer money from accounts, withdraw cash, etc. Suck the first.

Cut to the next day, and we line up for the books. Poor planning was found here, because despite there being approximately 300 students (from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year), there was only one person doing the payments. I waited 1.5 hours in that line for textbooks - several students gave up, and went to order them online (this is important).

Went to go collect my textbooks - "Oh sorry, we've only got the first 3, you'll have to wait for the other 5. We don't have them."

What the fuck. You knew how many students there were, some of them it's compulsory for every student to have the textbook because of legality issues with sharing the particular texts, and you didn't bring enough (or any, for about 90% of the subjects). We then ask when we'd be getting them, and we were told Friday at the latest.

Friday rolls around. No textbooks. A few are delivered, but not the main ones we need. By this point, the textbooks that were ordered online should've arrived either - they haven't. Much bitching is heard from the students, and we're told that they should arrive by next Tuesday.

Well, it's now Tuesday night. About 8 packages of textbooks have arrived for students in my year. This is not useful. There are a lot more than this. If I'm paying $700 for textbooks, I damn well expect to have them for classes.

To add to injury, we've got assignments from the textbooks. I have an assignment due in 2 weeks. Based on articles in the textbook. I have no way of doing this. We can look at the textbook in the library, but everyone needs it, and to my knowledge we also need to reference other articles in said textbook for opposing views, etc.

Some of the teachers have been good about it, and have rearranged coursework so we can still do stuff. But I'm still going to have at least twice the amount of readings - and there was a lot as it is - and I still have those assignments. I've got 10 due in a 4 week period (which starts in 2 weeks' time) - I don't have time to be playing catch up. Because of the nature of my course, they try and cram in a years' worth of subjects into 10 weeks. We can't afford to fall behind. The dean's trying to chase it up and abuse them. Doesn't seem to be working so far.

And don't even start me on the bitch of a teacher who abused the entire class for not having textbooks, because it "was [our] fault", and that we "should've gotten the book from the library to read" - see aforementioned point about there only being one copy from the library - which, IIRC, was the wrong edition anyway.

Latest information was that the guy "might be able to come up on Thursday". I damn well better have them by Friday afternoon, or I'm calling the supplier myself and raising hell. They've taken the money from the credit card, where the fuck are my books?!
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