Kaitlyn (kaitlyn142) wrote in bad_service,


A few months ago, my fantastic boyfriend bought me a set of spa visits. It was a fantastic "too good to pass this up" 4 visits for $60. Unfortunately, right after he bought it for me, my life became crazy hectic, and the little gift card thing was lost. I found it while cleaning the other day. I checked and lo and behold, no expiration date. Yay! Work has been a 7th level of hell full of 13 hr shifts, so a spa visit was exactly what I needed.

I called today to set up a visit. They denied it!

The deal was set up by a 3rd party company which has since gone out of business, so the spa itself decided to stop honoring the gift cards. It's not like a coupon. The thing is bought and paid for. They just won't let me come. Instead, they graciously offered me a "deal" for a one hour facial for $100. Almost double the price for 1/4 the value? I think not.

Sales lady suggested I contact the original (out of business) company and ask for my money back. Somehow, I doubt it is going to work. We're out $60, and I don't get my facial. :(
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