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My own personal...

Someone on the other group pointed me here so I deleted my post there and am moving it here.

There is this place called Rays Food Place.  I'm not sure how far that franchise goes and every Ray's I've been in has the worst Customer Service.  I've seen them open up registers just for an employee and cop an attitude for me joining that line.  I'm sorry but the other line is way back.

Also they always only have one cashier.  Why not have at least 2 or before the line goes out the store?

Why is it that they never help the next person in line when the register is open when A. they either have a basket that can easily be picked up or B. Have like a couple of items that can easily be gathered?  Course this is why I refuse to go to Winco and love stores with self check out :).

I did have another employee say: It's not my business to tell them to call in another cashier  when I was asking why they weren't calling any more (okay I did a customer suck on that one)

Ticket Master: I had to talk to 3 different people just to exchange a ticket that said if you want to exchange the ticket for a better seat bring the ticket to the place you bought it (Email).  All I was doing was trying to correct my cellphone number.  *sighs* I don't like to be in tears thanks :).  I'm on the west coast, I spent a lot of gas going back and forth and did get the exact seat I wanted and apologized to the poor woman who had to see me three times that day :).  

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