and i will play my game beneath the spin light (checkpointme) wrote in bad_service,
and i will play my game beneath the spin light

There are no words.

I am a Barnes and Noble cafe barista. Since we close at 10 or 11 PM, sometimes when I'm out late at night or across town, instead of going to my own work to get coffee I'll pop into a Starbucks and get a tall drink or something. Now, on slow days when I'm really bored I'll create my own weird concoctions, and so they're sometimes a little bit difficult for other baristas to get at first.

I went into a Starbucks one night and ordered a tall iced breve (a breve is a latte made with half-and-half, for the record) with a few shots of flavored syrup, whipped cream, and caramel sauce. It's really not a hard drink if you know what you're doing, which this barista clearly did not know. The cashier wrote down my drink order on my cup, and I get in line.

First, the barista took a good 15 minutes to make my drink, because her boyfriend or FWB or whatever was standing there jabbering with her the whole time. Secondly, she whips out already expired iced coffee and proceeds to pour it into my drink. Iced coffee is good for 8 hours. That pitcher was almost empty, so I could tell it had been used all day. Iced coffee also generally tastes bitter and disgusting, but that's just my opinion. She pours in my half-and-half, puts a flat lid on it, and gives it to me.

Me: "Uhm, you forgot my whipped cream and caramel sauce."
B: "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." This is obviously not the best thing to admit to a customer. I was so flabbergasted that she even said that. She then proceeds to give me about two squirts of whipped cream and a tiny dabble of caramel sauce. I'm still staring at my drink, dumbfounded at how there's no awesome espresso in it, so finally when I get up the courage to say something, I do:

Me: "Excuse me, uhm, but this is a cafe au lait."
B: "No, no it's not."
Me: "Isn't a breve supposed to have espresso in it?"
B: (condescending tone) "No, a breve means half-and-half, not espresso."
Me: "But there's also a breve drink, and that's what I wanted. That means half-and-half with espresso."
B: "No, it doesn't." And she then proceeded to turn away from me and go back to talking to her boyfriend or whatever.

At this point I didn't care because I didn't feel like arguing, but the final bad_service comes when I take a sip of my drink. I then proceed to spit it out in the trashcan. She hadn't put any syrup in my drink, either. And bitter coffee + half-and-half = the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted.

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