Maggie (maga_culinae) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service...from a company we've never even used!

Has anyone ever heard of First USA Bank? 'Cause I sure hadn't until some pestersome "law" firm started harassing us on their behalf.

My mother was staying with my grandmother in the hospital. Grandma had mild pneumonia, but she's 100 years old, so a hospital stay is fairly reasonable with her. But she often can't understand what the hell the doctors and nurses are saying, so my mom (or myself, if Mom has to leave for any number of reasons) stays with her and helps.

So anyway... I'm at home, with my father and sister, and we get a call for my mom from a group in Oxford, Mississippi, that specializes in debt collections. They claimed that my mom was in default of a loan from First USA Bank. They refused to speak with my father (kinda understandable), and instead called my mother at the hospital.

Now... The thing to understand here is that my mother has very little credit on her own. There is absolutely no possible way that she could have gotten a loan from ANY bank on her own. My father would have had to co-sign.

They've been calling and harassing, and my mother is sick of it to the point that she's talking to our cousin, who is a lawyer.

Honestly, and not rhetorically... Has ANYONE here heard of this bank before?

As a note: She's never lost any of her cards, nor does she ever use them online. She has also recently been issued new account numbers and such due to the merger of our old bank with another one.
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