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Salads cost extra. They do!

This was such a minor example of bad service, and yet I'm still annoyed with myself for not pointing it out at the time.

A friend and I had lunch at Shell's (seafood place) on Saturday. While browsing the menu, I noticed that salads were not included but could be added for $1.49. When we ordered, however, the waitress automatically asked us what kind of dressing we wanted on our salads. We both asked if she was sure they were included, and she assured us (twice) that they were. I figured maybe salads were included with lunches and the extra charge I'd seen only applied to dinners, or something.

The salads (and our meals) were both excellent... But of course, when the bill came (it was my turn to pay) I noticed two $1.49 salads listed after the meals themselves.

Yes, I should've said something. I'm a very non-confrontational/avoidant person, and I try to save my arguments for things worth more than $3. The waitress did a very good job overall, but because we'd asked her twice about the salads, I left her 15% instead of the 20% I usually leave for good service. It just seemed odd that she got it wrong twice.

Oh, well -- I don't eat enough veggies, anyway. ;)

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