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We're hungry, but you don't need to throw our food at us.

My boyfriend and I frequent a McD's that's about a block from our house. There's several other ones, but we choose this because up until recently, they were friendly, nice, etc. The past week or so, we've had several instances of bad service, however.

A few weeks ago, we went, and I ask for honey mustard instead of ketchup for my fries. Usually, it's not a big deal, but the lady acted like I'd asked her for her first born. She went back (so I thought) to get it, and then danced in front of the window cleaning and whatnot. After about five minutes, she comes to the window and says: "Oh, so-and-so is in the back filling it up, do you still want me to go back and get you some?" I just said never mind, and drove away, because I was short on time and didn't feel like dealing with more attitude.

The other day, we went after work, and our window doesn't roll up. Not such a big deal. We pulled up to the window and my boyfriend opened the door, and the man taking cash actually reached out and pulled on it, banging it against the wall of the building. It wasn't such a big deal, but we can open our door ourselves, thanks.

Yesterday, we went again for something quick since I had to work at 5. The same two people we'd had the minor issue with before were working. We got up to the point where we paid, and the lady was hanging out the window with our drinks and food before we were even CLOSE to the second window.

Since our window doesn't open, we had to get kind of close to the building. She moved back, and we barely had our door open before she's handing our drinks to us. While our hands were full with our drinks, she THROWS the bag of food at my boyfriend and proceeds to close our car door in his face. He opened the door and said "I can close my own door, thank you" and drove off. Seriously. I understand drive-through times and all, because *I* used to work in one, but you don't throw the bag of food at the customers.
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