Kristi (moxispilot) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Cashier..

Dear Cashier,

I have the upmost respect for people who work in customer service. Having done it myself for two years as a teenager, I know the kind of crap that walks in, heralded only by the soft hiss of the motion-sensor doors and the faint tangy odour of trouble a-brewin'.
That said...You really take the f*ckin' cake, lady. When I walk up to a register, I expect you not to do the following:
a. Completly ignore me when I greet you, and start swiping my items without even a glance in my direction.
b. Talk over my shoulder to another cashier - a conversation you ought not have been having in the middle of a public place, I might add. Your urinary problems are not my business, nor are they my concern.
c. Finally turn to look at me, once my purchases have been scanned, as though expecting me to perform some fabulous act of random prestidigitation, and then tut at me impatiently, and motion to the total cost on the screen.
d. Return to your former conversation, leaving me to do the bagging (which you are supposed to do, as the bags are on YOUR side of the counter), and not even wish me so much as a "f*ck off" when I say, more politely and cheerfully than the situation warranted, "Thanks! Have a good one."
Jesus, you're why customers treat the GOOD cashiers like morons! Get some people skills that don't involve your co-workers.

- Moxi
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