I think (juddys_girl) wrote in bad_service,
I think

That's how you answer your phone?

I'm heading down to Sydney in a few weeks, and I'm attempting to book a room in a (privately run, it seems) hotel on the net.
Except it wants to charge me $380 for the two nights i'm there, while proclaiming above the total cost, that rooms are only $95 per night, per person, including tax and booking charges.
I sigh, and figure I'll give them a call, to see if I can actually book the two nights at the advertised price. The internet and i aren't always friends when it comes to booking things, and I figure i've just made a mistake in entering some information.
I find the phone number on their website, right below a bright blue blurb exclaiming how they have a 24 hour manned reception for check-ins and phone enquiries whatever the time. Blah blah blah, we like to offer customers the personal service they don't get in the large hotels. Yada yada.
So I call this lovely personal hotel, at 10pm, it's not early, but they're manned 24 hours a day FOR THAT PURPOSE!

I get someone yelling down the phone at me "Blah Blah Blah Hotel, WHY YOU CALL SO LATE?"
"Because you're a 24 hour hotel ... Is that how you answer your phone?"
And then he hung up on me.

Oh well, the Expensive-chain-hotel-down-the-road, was more than happy to put me up for the nights that I'm there.
Plus, their website didn't attempt to double the amount of the room on me.

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