Sarcasticia Nitpickerson (tisiphone) wrote in bad_service,
Sarcasticia Nitpickerson

UPS really is sucktastic

Behold the saga of my sister's family's Christmas presents.

December 17: I order my sister's family's Christmas presents online from Amazon. This is because I suck at present wrapping and have ponied up for Amazon Prime for a reason. Delivery date is December 20, as it should be.

December 18: Miracle of miracles! The presents ship in only four boxes, a first for Amazon in my experience.

December 20: All four packages are due to be delivered by UPS today. Much squeeing was heard throughout the land!

December 20, evening: My sister gets home to find one package (on her front step), a note from the UPS driver saying they couldn't deliver a second package. WTF? They seemed to be OK with the first one!

She comes inside to find a message on her answering machine from her tenant. Apparently, they delivered one of the other packages to their old house, an hour and a half away on the other side of Albuquerque, despite the address on the label which is clearly the new house.

After trotting out to Rio Rancho to retrieve the second package, she goes to call UPS about the third and fourth package.

The third package she has to come to the depot to pick up, they won't deliver, because they're insisting it needs a signature despite its rather innocuous contents (I don't think a box of Duplo blocks is much of a thievery target, eh?)

The fourth package "the address doesn't exist." Despite the fact that the address is identical to the addresses on the other three packages! WTF? The woman continued to argue with her even as my sister walked her through a Mapquest demonstration of precisely why her house exists, and where it is.

So, to recap, UPS's delivery success rates for my sister's house are:
25% on-time delivery
25% misinterpreted packing label
25% way, way, way wrong house
25% total failure to cope.

And the worst thing was, after all this hassle, it took my mother almost a week to get UPS to deliver a box containing a stuffed monkey to my niece the next month, due to a combination of all three of these issues.

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