Cherry Blossom (tragic0phelia) wrote in bad_service,
Cherry Blossom

So I decide to go to McDonalds for a quick McChicken and McFlurry, I live in a chinese neighborhood and as a result, the staff is almost all chinese....Ive been going there for over a year and I havent had any trouble, so i decide to take a quick trip there (btw all people in the story are chinese, except for me...well im half but i look white WHATEVER)

I get there and go to the counter and ask for a large m&ms mcflurry (ok, Ill admit this was my fault, I didnt know mcflurrys were only in one size i thought there were 2 sizes for some reason, also theres no mcflurry listing up on the board) and mcchicken...the girl (who had been talking with a guy prior and still seemed a bit out of it) just stared at me and was like "uhhh...mcflurry?" (in bad english) and I was like, ".......yes....large m&ms mcflurry"

girl: uhh.... *looks at the guy, who is standing on my side of the counter in a grey shirt and wearing a bookbag*

guy: *to me* uh theres no large mcflurry, theres just one size

me: oh! oops sorry, then just a mcflurry and a mcchicken

girl: uhhh...*stares at the guy then at the screen*

guy: *still looking at me* now you confused her

me: WHAT? I just want an M&Ms mcflurry and a mcchicken

guy: *motions the girl off to start the mcflurry, moves behind the counter BECAUSE APPARANTLY HE WORKS THERE* ok mcflurry and...

me: mcchicken

girl: oreo?

me: no, M&Ms

guy: mcflurry?

me: YES M&Ms mcflurry!

guy: *punches it in* ok thats all?

me: no, mcchicken too

guy: m&ms mcflurry and mcchicken? (i can barely understand him also)

me: yes.

do the total, do the change, he goes over to talk with her and help her, she drops the cup, actually MAKES it, gives me the order pushes it to me and just walks away, still talking with the guy (in chinese)

Basically I was like "what the HELL just happened there?" I think if the guy had been wearing a uniform I wouldnt have cared at all, but the fact that she could barely take the order (or speak english) without talking to him, and thought he whole ordeal juse seemed to not even care, that pissed me off...also "oh now you confused her", what do you want me to say "oh im sorry shes an idiot?" (look i dont care, ive dealt with plenty of people from that place, and it wasnt just a language thing she just seemed to be an idiot)...ugh, Im not going back to McDonalds for a long LOOONG time.....granted I know this was prolly a one time thing, as its always been good prior, and I used to work in food service so its no walk in the park, but come on, I think the whole thing was just....ugh.

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